Sunday, October 9, 2011

Santa Fe - Brooklyn

So like all of my excursions, this one to Brooklyn also got off to a rocky start. After cleaning out my apartment in Boston, all of my belongings were put into storage until I move into my new apartment in NYC. One of the things that got put into storage along with my stuff was Kayla’s flat screen TV – which needed to come with us to Brooklyn. 

We showed up at the storage unit expecting the TV to be ready and waiting for us – but obviously that would be too easy. The TV was clearly located in the middle of the storage unit, which required me to climb over everything to get to the center, and then we had to strategically move this 52 inch flat screen out of the unit with out it breaking. Which we managed to do. But alas, as I opened up my trunk to load the tv, the box filled with all of Kayla’s glass kitchen bowls came spilling out of the trunk and one by one smashed onto the ground as we helplessly watched.

We made a speedy getaway out of the storage facility, and are still keeping our fingers crossed that there wasn't a camera taping us. 

After we arrived in Brooklyn (finally) we unloaded the car and proceeded to make multiple trips up two flights of stairs to bring all of Kayla’s things into her apartment. Finally, right around 8 pm, we were finished unloading the boxes, and were ready for some dinner. Kayla said she knew this great Mexican restaurant called Santa Fe, located down the street, so we decided to go there (Santa Fe Grill is located at 62 7th Ave in Brooklyn).

The restaurant wasn’t very large, but they had a nice little bar area, and then a small dining room area. The colors and art were cohesive with an authentic Mexican restaurant (masks on the wall – almost reminded me of Casa Romero), and the menu was definitely authentic. 

As soon as we sat down we ordered a couple glasses of sangria, and enjoyed the chips and salsa. 

The chips were crispy and warm, just as they should be, and the salsa had great taste and texture - although I think I would have preferred it to be a little on the spicier side.

 The sangria had deep developed flavor, and was very delicious - we obviously enjoyed more than one glass. I will say that I typically prefer sangria with some chopped up fruit inside, however what it lacked in esthetics it made up for in flavor.

For dinner I ordered the chicken and guacamole tacos. As described on the menu, they tacos were served in crispy corn tortillas filled with grilled chicken, pico de gallo, oaxaca cheese and lettuce, topped with a guajillo pepper salsa. I asked if I could substitute the corn tortillas with flour ones instead, and they happily obliged. The sauce was very tasty, and all of the flavors married well together. The guacamole was my favorite part because of how fresh it tasted. My only complaint was that I wish it was served with a side of rice or something - love my carbs.

Chicken Tacos

Kay ordered the chimichangas which were flour tortillas filled with beef or chicken (she had one of each), refried beans, cheese, and onions, deep fried and topped with sour cream and guacamole served with a side of rice and beans. The outside was really crispy, and inside the meat was tender and delicious. I can definitely see myself ordering these next time.

Overall the food is very yummy, most of the dishes are under $15, and the atmosphere is really fun and inviting. We had a great time there, didn't feel rushed through dinner, and although it was lively inside the restaurant we were still able to have a fairly quiet dinner. I will absolutely be going back to Santa Fe!

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