Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fraiche - Santa Monica

Last week my new partner in crime Jamie and I decided to grab a bite to eat while Chris was studying his butt off in the library. He had a Groupon for a restaurant near the Promenade called Fraiche, an Italian - French - European inspired restaurant, so the decision to go there was pretty easy.

We arrived around 6:30 on a Monday night and found the restaurant pretty empty, which I guess is typical for a Monday night. The ambiance is nice and cozy, and would be a great place to have a more intimate date in one of the corner booth tables.

Our waiter promptly came over and scanned our Groupon, and then brought us two glasses of champagne that were included with the deal, and came back soon after to take our dinner orders.

I wasn't really that hungry so nothing was really speaking to me on the menu, so I ended up ordering the Egg Raviolo ($20). Jamie decided to go with the Pancetta Risotto ($22). I also order a to-go dinner for Chris, another Egg Raviolo.

Our food arrived shortly after, and everything looked delicious.
Pancetta Risotto
Jamie really enjoyed his risotto, which had black kale and pancetta in it. I tried a little bit and the flavors were very nice, my only complaint was that it wasn't creamy enough like a traditional risotto should be.

My Egg Raviolo was comprised of ricotta, gruyere and fontina cheese in a butter sauce, with an egg in the center. I enjoyed the overall flavors of the ravioli, but I wish that the pasta was cooked a little bit more, and that the egg yolk was cooked a little less. I will say that Chris really enjoyed his though, and had no complaints!

As Jamie and I were eating we watched a couple on a date come in and be seated at a table nearby. The waiter came in and brought them water and menus, and after he left we watched the couple briefly peruse their menus before getting up and walking out. We were slightly shocked to see this, especially since they had already gotten their menu and drinks, but the waiter was more surprised when he returned to take their order. I couldn't help but chuckle a little as he looked around the restaurant thinking that he was at the wrong table. Jamie and I spent the next ten minutes thinking about possible reasons why they left... unimpressed with the menu, lack of a crowd, didn't realize it was a restaurant, and meal prices were the top three we came up with.

Although the food was good, I was kind of disappointed with the service. For us being the only table in there, at one point, I expected the waiter to be more attentive. I was starting to get thirsty for some pinot noir, and since our waiter wasn't around I asked the guy who filled our water glasses if I could get me a glass of wine. He said he would tell our server, but I never received my wine. After I asked for my wine, Jamie mentioned that he wanted a glass too, so the restaurant lost out on the additional money they would have made from two glasses of wine (which was a big loss considering the Groupon covered our meal).

I will probably go back on a more popular night, mostly because it's conveniently located neat our apartment and has a great happy hour, but I can't see myself order the raviolo again (or the risotto).

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  1. The risotto was really good! That's about as creamy as it gets out here... welcome to Santa Monica!